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forever before I got my v2

sfieldsfield Posts: 1Member
edited December 2010 in V2 News and Updates
It was 3 weeks before I got my V2. Really pissed me off. But it was worth it. Awsome product. I love it. Was worth the wait.


  • CarolGCarolG Posts: 562Member
    The best way to order, at least for now, is to call them and that way you'll find out what's in stock or not. I placed an order Saturday by phone, payed a couple extra bucks for Fed Ex, and got my order today.

    Glad you're happy with it, sfield. It is worth the wait, isn't it.
  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member
    thru all the frustration - thank goodness you got a product that is really great.....nothing is worth frustration, but its always good to have a great ending....Glad you love it.....people who have started using v2 knew you would love it, but waiting for anything along with complication - is simply frustrating..uuuuugggggg. Take Care
    Happy Merry Vaping:)

    p.s. i agree with carol, its the best way to order at this point and its a really pleasant experience to deal with v2 customer service. :)
  • mousemouse Posts: 81Member
    Three weeks sounds good to me. Took my order (partial) over 4 weeks (still waiting on the rest). It is certainly louder than my three piece unit, but seems to vape better. I am having a bit of a hard time deciding how I like it since I need the blanks to use the flavor I know I like. Even so, seems to vape stronger, which might help me get off the last 3-4 analogs a day I've been stuck on for months now.
  • redhotredhot Posts: 26Member
    I got my partial order. But have heard nothing about the rest of my order. I do like the product. I don't like congress at all. I am waiting on my cowboy carts.
  • MmAcMmAc Posts: 149Member
    I ordered 2travelers kits, after 2 weeks I received partial shipments
    It was ok
    Concept great but flavors ok
    In search for better flavors, the thought of waiting another 2 weeks for an order of carts, calling cs ect to find out what was in stock, ect, just seemed like to much work. Found another company with comparable carts- received in 3 days- never would have looked elsewhere if v2 had a better shipping track record
  • MmAcMmAc Posts: 149Member
    Sorry compatable carts, better flavor
  • TestimonyTestimony Posts: 12Member
    I called over the phone and even asked them what they had in stock through chat to make sure. They were right on. I paid for Fed ex 2 day. I ordered my kit on Monday it was fulfilled by Tuesday, shipped Wed and I had it by Friday. No complaints here, that is great timing, especially for the holidays.
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