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darthslothdarthsloth Posts: 23Member
edited May 2011 in Entertainment and Humor
So what do you think bacon flavor carts I've smoked bacon flavored rolling papers that were bacony and a great novelty.


  • Mmmmm I ALWAYS said everything is better with bacon. But I don't know that I could vape it.
  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member
    tried bacon french toast..prob is it had cinamon in it and got allergic reaction,,,but i dont think i could do straight bacon ...  just cant do it
  • Jennifer_v2cigsJennifer_v2cigs Posts: 31Member
    Don't let Earthpig see this thread...he may not appreciate Bacon carts!  
  • Carmen_v2cigsCarmen_v2cigs Posts: 203Member ✭✭
    edited May 2011
    I am not sure how I would feel about smoking bacon.. Although it would have to be tasty! That would be interesting for the taste buds.... B-) 
  • Jennifer_v2cigsJennifer_v2cigs Posts: 31Member
    Hmmmm...maybe bacon and eggs?  like vaping breakfast?

  • Carmen_v2cigsCarmen_v2cigs Posts: 203Member ✭✭
    eww eggs.. I am not a fan of green eggs and ham..  now if we are going to do breakfast then we should do sausage and gravy or biscuits and jelly.. :-&
  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    Hopefully a bacon cart would taste better than the bacon vodka I tried a while back....

    If it could be made to taste like bacon jam that could be yummy!!!!!!!!!
  • darthslothdarthsloth Posts: 23Member
    I make bacon maple ice-cream sound weird but it's great maybe that would taste good vaped. I wonder how just maple would taste
  • Carmen_v2cigsCarmen_v2cigs Posts: 203Member ✭✭
    Now that i think of it there is a little bakery here in Miami that sells maple bacon cupcakes. I have not tried them and I had never heard of the Ice cream with maple bacon.. but that sounds interesting I might just have to go try the cupcakes and try to figure out how to make Ice cream. 
  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    edited May 2011
    In Portland OR there is a doughnut shop that puts slices of bacon on their maple bars....... I hear they are awesome........ Saw them on a top ten doughnut list on yahoo...
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited May 2011
    Mmmmmm that does sound yummy ... Dennys has a maple bacon Sunday now that I hear is good too. I love the whole sweet & salty thing.
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