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What's the story with Zig-Zag?

I received the Zig-Zag menthol express kit from my last order and I really liked it. I haven't tried the V2 Menthol from my sample pack yet since I was never a menthol smoker and was leaving it for last. But when I got the Zig-Zag menthol I figured I'd give it a try and to my surprise it was really enjoyable.

When I go to the carts page I don't see anywhere to order more Zig-Zag carts. I did find them under the Limited Edition tab but not all of the flavors are available. If I go to the liquid page I can order any of the Zig-Zag flavors except Menthol. Is V2 just quietly letting their stock of Zig-Zag run out and that will be the end of it or will Zig-Zag liquid Menthol return as well as the missing flavors in carts form?


  • ChipMacChipMac Posts: 335Member
    I was never a menthol smoker. I hated them which is why I was surprised I liked it. It also lasted a loonnnngggg time and put out a lot of vapor.
  • MrmikMrmik Posts: 556Member
    Not to speak of coffee in the flavor variety pack. It is weird but I like to very much and can not get any more of that except the variety packs.
  • ChipMacChipMac Posts: 335Member
    So nobody knows if V2 is phasing out zig-zag or not??
  • jwc11jwc11 Posts: 608Member
    I believe that there was a "wink" given by V2 when that question was asked a while back. When the Pro was changed from the Zig Zag series to the V2 Pro.
  • ChipMacChipMac Posts: 335Member
    Oh I wasn't aware the pro was originally under the zig-zag brand since I've only been around a month. Well if that's the case maybe they should switch the zig-zag flavors over to the V2 brand. I've read posts praising several of their flavors and we're always looking for more V2 flavors. If they're good who cares what brand they sell them under.
  • jwc11jwc11 Posts: 608Member
    I would imagine it's some company, legal type stuff. I personally didn't care for the ZZ flavors but having plenty of options for flavor is a good thing.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member
    Undoubtedly licensing restrictions dictate what can be branded ZZ.
  • ChipMacChipMac Posts: 335Member
    Again I didn't realize the whole story I guess. I thought ZZ was owned by V2 but sold as a different brand like Vapor Couture. If they're licensing the rights to sell the product from anther company I assume there are legal hurdles to overcome. If they're allowing the license to lapse I guess it wasn't makng enough money to warrant extending the license.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member

    ZZ is an interesting brand @ChipMac, started in France in the late 1800's.

    Samantha has recently said that they are not phasing the brand out so they must have a longish term agreement.

  • ChipMacChipMac Posts: 335Member
    Then I wish we knew why certain flavors are missing. Once they're gone that's it or will stock be replenished?
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    I'll try to get an update on ZZ branded products sold on V2.com tomorrow and let you all know, what I am permitted to share. 
  • Braxton2011Braxton2011 Posts: 12Member
    I recently ordered the ZZ menthol and this is the message I got a few days ago.

  • Braxton2011Braxton2011 Posts: 12Member
    Well cant copy and paste I see. It said the Menthol was a limited edition and would not be rejoining the V2 family, But the other flavors were still available for now.
  • TheJennieVTheJennieV Posts: 3Member
    Any new news on ZZ? I called V2 for an update and they told me to call ZZ. So I did, and they told me to call V2, and round and round. I have been waiting for 5 packs of disposables since the beginning of April with no order movement, and have been trying to recreate the vanilla desperately with no luck. I absolutely love it, and feel this is the one flavor that will get me off analogs for good. Any news or help in recreating would so be appreciated!
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