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V2 Pro Series 7 tips,...

After a good bit of living with my V2 Pro Series 7, I have a couple of great tips!

I sure hope they will benefit some folks.

This vaporizer is not a pipe,...nor a bong. Try sucking slow, smooth, and long! 

It will work better!

With regular use, the vaporizer will require recharging each night, but will last all day, even when set on the highest heat setting. It will recharge in several hours (perhaps 4-6) and can be used while plugged in (although it will take a moment or two to recover from full discharge).

The oven will heat faster when at room temperature,...and take longer to warm when cold. But only by a matter of moments.

Tips especially for the loose leaf cartridge:

Empty when still warm/hot! Both the oven and the screen will come out nearly clean (handle the cartridge carefully by the wide, outer, sides).

Just remove the cartridge from the battery/base soon after turning it off, twist off the mouthpiece, and tap upside down to empty the contents of the oven. Lightly scrape the walls of the oven outward. Don't forget to replace screen!

I've found that I do not need a second screen near the mouthpiece, and oddly, I've found that I could easily clean the base of the mouthpiece with my tongue,...no mess!

Only a readily available, concentrated, consumable alcohol should be used to swab out the oven, or soak the mouthpiece, if ever needed. Other alcohols, such as rubbing alcohol, can be used to clean the exterior surfaces only. Use care, when cleaning, to not contaminate the contacts on the bottom of the cartridge, or the pins that it contacts in the top of the battery/base.

I've only been using my new wax cartridge for a couple of weeks now. I've found that it stays clean if I run the temp up to three to finish the contents and tap out, as described above. I'll post later with further wax cartridge tips, if I have them.

My best wishes to you all.



  • wetminkeywetminkey Posts: 17Member
    With either of the cartridges, I find that starting at a lower setting, and increasing the temperature as the contents of the oven are vaporized, gives the best performance.
    And this way, the cartridges will burn nearly clean, if they are emptied when still hot/warm.
    I hope this helps,...
  • wetminkeywetminkey Posts: 17Member
    Does anyone have other/better tips? I'd sure like to hear your's,...
  • wetminkeywetminkey Posts: 17Member
    Three months of heavy use and I've not had to clean my loose leaf chamber! My wax chamber requires a bit more regular cleaning, despite infrequent use.
    I use the V2 Pro regularly, so it requires a recharge each evening. But I work the device pretty hard each day,...

  • wreckwriterwreckwriter Posts: 4Member
    Any tips for the liquid cartridges? I have one that works a lot better than the other.
  • wetminkeywetminkey Posts: 17Member
    I pretty much use my loose leaf cartridge exclusively,...
    I do use my wax cartridge occasionally,...but I don't have much use for the liquid cartridge, sorry.
  • wetminkeywetminkey Posts: 17Member
    Five months now, and I still have not had to clean my loose leaf cartridge!

  • wetminkeywetminkey Posts: 17Member
    OK, I finally broke down, bought some grain alcohol, and cleaned my loose leaf cartridge. Worked great.
    Soaked the mouthpiece and "screen" overnight, and used a saturated, cotton-tipped applicator to wipe out the cartridge.
    It was getting pretty blackened,...
    And still without any problems.
  • wetminkeywetminkey Posts: 17Member
    Both cartridges, and battery/handpiece, working fine. I NEED to clean my cartridge mouthpieces again! Yipes,...
  • wetminkeywetminkey Posts: 17Member
    Probably due to abuse, my year old cartridge has finally become difficult to draw through, so I purchased another. Otherwise, my V2 Pro Series 7 still functions just fine!
    Everclear Vodka cleans these mouthpieces perfectly!
  • thippethippe Posts: 6Member
    when you soak it overnight do you just put the whole black mouthpiece part with metal hole screen thing attached into the liquid overnight?
  • wetminkeywetminkey Posts: 17Member
    Sounds like the answer should be 'yes'. The mouthpiece that releases from the cartridge can be soaked in grain alcohol. Sometimes I have to soak it longer than just overnight,...

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Love seeing threads like this one @wetminkey ! :)
  • BuckBuck Posts: 1Member
    Mine just quit heating my oil. Worked great one minute, then nothing. Have charged overnight all lights function as settings change but no heat. Any ideas.?
  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Posts: 181Administrator, Moderator admin

    I would be happy to look into this for you. I was able to locate your account and I left a voicemail with my direct contact information.

    I hope to hear from you soon so that I may assist.

  • SharonTateSharonTate Posts: 1Member
    Any tips on cleaning the wax cartridge. I've been using the scraping tool and my fingers. Much more messy than I had hoped
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