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Having to pull hard to get some vapour

I have a new 2EX battery (automatic), I had one before and it was great but I'm not sure what the problem is with this one. I have to inhale/pull so hard to get just a bit of vapour! I am not covering the holes on both sides because of the way I'm holding it, I've checked :D I've changed the cartridge, but still have the same problem. Any ideas? this is very frustrating.


  • Elaine99Elaine99 Posts: 4Member
    I had one like that and returned it. I’ve not had a problem with the other EX batteries that I use.
  • PamCoveyPamCovey Posts: 5Member
    edited November 2017
    @Tish The 2 turquoise that I bought are doing the same thing. I love the V2 EX Automatic ones when they work right. Was told online chat (Fernando or ?) they would replace them, but apparently the replacements have not been sent yet. The others in different colors seemed to work fine. Hopefully the company will get to replacing these. They have been very good to work with so far. Seems like a very good company with great products! Keep trying, maybe they are just super busy with demand for their products and the holidays coming.
  • CelticKateCelticKate Posts: 9Member
    I haven't been impressed with the ex batteries at all, same issue. They work okay-ish, but take a hard pull to work. I use them as my backup option, charged in the bottom of my purse in case I forget to carry one of the charged good ones.

    The old style (standard I guess?) batteries are pretty great though.
  • MsDebsMsDebs Posts: 6Member
    Same here, I actually bought an EX starter kit some months back. One of the batteries was just too hard to draw on, so I went back to the old classic style I had. The other ONE of the EX ecigs got really hot while carrying it in my pants back pocket while puttering around the house doing chores. It scared me so I placed the battery and cart in the sink and ran water over it. It was so hot I really thought it would catch on fire. I then trashed it after disconnecting the cartridge.
    Afterwards I though I should have kept it and sent it back, maybe the V2 labs could have checked to see what was going on.
    Does anyone know how long the batteries last? The ones I have from about eight to ten months ago don't hold a charge very long now (the classic automatic), the manual ones i have seem to last a little bit longer.
    Thanks in advance. I have been using V2 for over a year now and am completely off analog cigs!
  • MsDebsMsDebs Posts: 6Member
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 680Administrator admin
    This is interesting feedback... I will pass this on to R&D... possibly we can increase the airflow a bit. 
    I personally like a harder draw because I draw hard, but I can see how others may not. I think we also should consider a variable airflow solution for the classic/EX series.
  • MsDebsMsDebs Posts: 6Member
    Hi Andries_V2cigs,
    Any comment to the people at R&D on my Ex automatic almost burning me?
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @MsDebs - Thank you for your comments and feedback. Our batteries can last up to 1-2 years, depending on vaping style. I am truly sorry to hear about your EX auto battery heating up like that. Putting in or on cloth like materials may have attributed to that. If you had the product, I def would process an exchange for you to resolve the situation. These kind of incidents are rare, but we always take them extremely seriously and like to analyze and look into each malfunctioning product when/if it does happen. Just as smartphone batteries can overheat when they are on certain materials, this similar situation may happen with other electrical devices. Please let me know how I can assist you at all. 
  • donwhisdonwhis Posts: 2Member
    The manual batteries draw easier than automatic.  I think it is because there are 3 holes in the treads on manual and only 2 on automatic.
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